Reliving the controversy

During the 2005 Formula One season, the most controversial race in modern F1 history took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 19th. Of the scheduled 20 cars, only 6 took the grid. If you’re a veteran fan of this sport this is nothing new to you. If you’re a new follower to this wonderful sport, its hard to imagine watching a GP with only six cars on the grid. What brought this controversy on? Well, to put it simply, Tyres. the 2005 season took place in an era where tyre competitors were very much present, long before the monopolization of Perelli. During this specific race it had been unexplained as to why Michellin had such severe tyre failure (with Ralf Schumacher having a dramatic crash on turn 13 during free practice). At the beginning of the race all 20 drivers and cars took their place on the grid and participated in the formation/parade lap, to avoid penalties, however, at the end of that lap 14 drivers entered the pits; and forfeited the race. The three teams and six drivers included Scuderia Ferrari (Michael Schumacher, and Rubens Barrichelo), Jordan Toyota (Tiago Monteiro, and Narain Karthikeyan), and Minardi-Cosworth (Christijan Albers, and Patrick Friesacher).



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