Playseat Challenge Sim Racing Review

So for all of our followers who like to check in periodically and see what’s going on Inside the Slipstream, we have a treat for you today. Other than reporting the latest information in the world of motorsports, I am also an avid Sim Racer. Recently I was doing some research and came across the Playseat Challenge (pictured below). As you can see the seat has a very Recaro-esque look to it. The chair itself is incredibly comfortable for the lawn chair build its got. It’s pieced together with the same type of metal that the beach chairs in your garage are made of. Now that we’ve covered the build specifics, lets get down to the “performance” of this thing. The chair is incredibly comfortable, feels like a real bucket seat. It’s extremely versatile and there are multiple positions in which you can place it to make your driving sim racing experience all the better.

At the base of the chair it has a pull-out rod that stabilizes the seat. If you’re anything like me, you take your sim racing as serious as your real racing, and lean in to your turns despite not feeling the G-Forces. The rod allows you to do just that and eliminates the risk of flipping over where you sit.

It also also comes with a plate base that simulates a dash where you can attach your steering wheel of preference. I am using the Thrustmaster 458 Spider on mine for the time being, but I am looking to upgrade the wheel to the TX Racing wheel, but that’s a post all of its own.

What about the price? Well, in my journey for a sim chair I came across a ton of different options that range anywhere from $300 USD, all the way up into the $4,000 (Yeah, I’m talking Red Bull Racing branded chair that simulates an F1 cockpit). The Playseat Challenge rolls in at $250 USD, making it the most affordable in seat simulator on the market. I would absolutely recommend that anyone who is interested in Sim Racing but isn’t serious enough (yet) to spend upwards of $500+ look into getting this chair.

Retailers who carry this include Toy’s R Us, Amazon, and I’m certain you can spind it on eBay and possibly Craigslist if you’re impatient and have no interest in waiting 5-10 business days for Ground Shipping.

I hope you all find this review of the Playseat Challenge useful, and I hope it gets you all one step closer to getting that racing real feel you so crave!



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  1. alexia macdonald says:

    please help – I have just bought the same chair and steering wheel as a surprise birthday present for my husband. I am unable to attach the wheel to the chair bracket and cant find any assistance. I would be very grateful if you could let me know how you did it. many thanks


    1. danypina1104 says:


      What a fantastic surprise for your husband! I am sure he will love it. I ran into the same hurdle when I first purchased the 458 Spider wheel. I wish I could tell you that you just have to shift it a bit and the screws will go right in, but that is not the case. When it comes to the 458 you have to use that central clamping system. It will sit off center a bit as the lip wont be flush to the bracket but if you tighten it enough it should not move what so ever. I hope this information helps; if you need any more assistance feel free to comment!

      Best regards


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