Thrustmaster 458 Spider

What is going on! Welcome back to Inside The Slipstream. Today we have another review for you. For those of our followers who keep up with our Instagram (@_insidetheslipstream) or our Facebook account (Inside The Slipstream) are tracking we’ve been getting into Sim Racing recently. Last week we brought you an awesome review about our racing rig, and today we’ll be doing the same for our Thrustmaster wheel.

It’s been a few weeks now we’ve been dabbling in Sim Racing, and our time has been nothing short of fantastic. Given that we’re just getting our feet wet, we didn’t think it made much sense to drop a ton of money into getting started. We went out, and we brought back the Thrustmaster 458 Spider wheel. This entry level Sim Racing steering wheel will run you about $99 USD before tax. The wheel itself is a 7/10 scale replica model from…you guessed it, the Ferrari 458 Spider. It’s extremely light, and has red rubber grips on each side for ultimate comfort. The base of the wheel is a fixed base, meaning you are not able to replace the wheel with other add-ons, which we’ll get into shortly. It connects to your PC or Xbox One via USB, and the pedals connect to the wheel via ethernet cable and the communication between the two is FLAWLESS!! Over all extremely comfortable design.

“Hey! Design is great, but…what about functionality?” Glad you asked. Aside from the comfort, the functionality of this wheel is incredible for what you’re paying. The wheel’s button functionality is phenomenal. I’ve added photos for reference below, but the wheel as you’ll be able to tell come with all four action buttons (A, B, X, Y). It also comes equipped with both your Menu, and View buttons on each side of the ferrari logo, but in true Thrustmaster style, they’ve designed the Ferrari mannetino selector lever to double as your Menu and View buttons (up for menu, down for view). Thrustmaster went above and beyond to make this replica absolutely accurate as possible by manufacturing the wheel with authentic real feel metal paddle shifters. They’ve also added two small plastic buttons behind the wheel that double as your shifters.

The wheel comes with a “Bungee Cord” technology that allows for resistance up to 240°. Once you’ve completed your turn the bungee cord allow the wheel to return to its upright position so you can continue with your racing experience. If you’ve got a racing rig, or you’re simply enjoying games likes Forza, or F1 2015 at your desk, the box includes a central clamping system for simple attachment to whatever peripheral you’re using to better stabilize the wheel.

We’ve covered the design, we’ve covered the wheel, now lets get down to our pedals. The pedals are a plastic set, that offer progressive resistance during your drive. It’s hard to imagine that a plastic set of pedals would work well, but let me tell you, Thrustmaster got it RIGHT! These pedals are extremely comfortable and the response is immediate. They are adjustable for preference (whether you like them wide, or narrow) and give you an uncanny realistic feel. The base has a wide footrest for those of us who tend to place both feet on the pedals at once.

Overall I rate this setup a solid 9. I absolutely plan to continue to give business to this incredible company who have gotten me one step closer to motorsports. My plan in the near future is to upgrade my setup to the TX Racing wheel which does come with a detachable base and 900° of force feedback to make the sim that much more realistic. I currently own the F1 Add-On that I’m unable to use with my current setup and cannot wait to move forward. For anyone wanting to get into Sim Racing who want to dive in without spending a ton of money, head over to and find out where you can pick up your Thrustmaster 458 Spider racing wheel.

Until next time!




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