Patrik Sandell, No. 18, Subaru’s rising star

Patrik Sandell is a name easily recognized if you’re one to watch the Red Bull Global Rally Cross series. With 42 starts in GRC and 3 wins since his inaugural season in 2013, its easy to see why a powerhouse team such as Subaru Rally Team USA would swoop in and snatch him right up. We had the opportunity to sit down with Patrik recently and get a peek into how he is preparing for the upcoming season, as well as his personal feelings regarding his role as a driver for SRT-USA.

ITSS: What was your most memorable moment of the 2016 season?

PS: When we won in Dallas after dominating the final. That was an amazing team effort. 

ITSS: What are your predictions for 2017?

PS: I’m super excited to start this journey with Subaru Rally Team USA. We have some work to do but for sure the goal is to win some races already the first year

ITSS: How has it felt testing for your new team (SRT-USA)?

PS: Good! the chassis was really good and reacted to the changes we did to it in a perfect way. I really enjoyed driving the car. 

ITSS: What’re you looking forward to most for the upcoming season?

PS: To work directly with a manufacturer team. Subaru has all the tools we need to be successful, so we, as team just have to work hard for it 

ITSS: Subaru is such a staple in the sport of rally cross, how does it feel to be part of such an iconic team?

PS: It’s a childhood dream come true, I always wanted to drive for Subaru and here I am, its incredible!

ITSS: You’ve mentioned that driving for Subaru has been a childhood dream of yours, what went through your head the first time you drove the car for testing?

PS: As you say; it’s such a iconic rally car so it was for sure a special feeling. 

ITSS: Can we look forward to seeing you take part in Subaru’s Launch Control series?

PS: Absolutely, I have been following that series since it first started, it’s for sure the best one out there. I’m happy to be a part of it.

ITSS: Now that you are formally a member of Subaru Rally Team USA, if you could choose any one of their cars, or stage rally locations to drive; which would it be and why?

PS: That would be the current stage rally car they have on the stages of WRC Rally Finland, that would be sick!! And super fast!! 

ITSS: You’ve achieved a long time dream of yours, are you looking to extend past Red Bull GRC with Subaru?

PS: Subaru is my new home and I would like to stay here for ever! 

ITSS: You’ve been racing in the Red Bull Global Rallycross since 2013, the sport has had plenty of spotlight and many changes in venues. Is there any venue in particular that has been your favorite to drive? If so, what made it stand out for you most?

PS: I really enjoyed Daytona even though we never had good results there in the end. That track was super fun, I love fast tracks where we can use the amazing power of the cars .

ITSS: Finally Patrik, what do you see being the biggest challenge for yourself in the upcoming season?

PS: Running 10km under 40 minutes 😉


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