Hey there!

Welcome to InsideTheSlipstream, your avenue into the world of motorsports . My name is Daniel Piña, an amateur Karter, and enthusiast of all things fast! I first got into motorsports back when i was 10 or 11, when my father first introduced me to Formula One. At that time i was too young and too focused on being outside and playing with friends to really dedicate all my time to the sport. A few years later as I was flipping through channels I came across a GP and fell entirely in love with the sport all over again. I am 26 now, and a father to an awesome little boy who is overjoyed anytime i tune in to watch any race. This blog will serve as a means to keep those who follow, in touch with the world of Formula One. This section will likely evolve as my following grows, and I will add other branches of motorsports as some of you will hopefully become involved and suggest I report on some racing that isn’t already being reported.

I hope you all enjoy, and again, WELCOME….to InsideTheSlipstream.




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